Answers to your Questions

Q. How do I order a cake?

We like to always have a face to face consultation with clients for their wedding cake order. Celebration cakes can be ordered by phone or contact us via this site or by email.

Q. How much will a cake cost?

All our cakes are bespoke designs, except those in the 'Eat Cake' wedding cake section.

We will work with you to provide a cake that will feed the number of people you require and that fits within your planned budget. The more intricate and complicated the design the greater the cost, simply because of the time involved. For wedding cakes we require a £50 deposit to secure the date, with the balance being payable 4 weeks before the event. Celebration cakes need to be paid for a week in advance. We accept payment by cash, cheque, Paypal and direct bank transfer.

Q. Can I mix flavours of my cake?

Of course you can. Please see our flavours and portions guide for our most popular flavours, but we can work with you to incorporate your favourite flavour cake if wanted. We can also insert ‘dummy’ cakes into your design if you want to achieve a certain look but without having additional cake left over. These will be decorated in the same way as the ‘real’ cake tiers.

Q. Can we taste the cake flavours in advance?

This can be arranged. Please let us know which flavours you are interested in and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q. Do you deliver cakes?

We can arrange delivery locally in Devon and will deliver further afield if required. We will discuss this cost with you before you confirm your booking. Otherwise cakes can be collected directly from us. For our Couture Wedding Cakes we will come to your venue, if local, and set them up for you.

Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any damage incurred after cakes have been collected or delivered.

Q. Do you make all your own cakes?

Yes. All our cakes are handmade with quality ingredients. We only use free-range eggs in our cakes and source as many of our ingredients as possible locally. All the designs on our pages are there to inspire you and we will work with you to provide a design that fits your ideas.

Q. Can we use fresh flowers on our cake?

Fresh flowers can look beautiful on cakes. Your florist will need to provide these and we will liaise with your florist to ensure you get the design you require. We use acrylic plates on cakes where fresh flowers are used to protect the cake. We will not use poisonous varieties however!

Q. When should I order my cake?

For wedding cakes we would like at least 3 months notice but if that is not possible please contact us as we may have late availability. We accept a limited number of commissions for each date so unfortunately sometimes we are unable to accommodate late requests. For Celebration cakes 2 weeks notice is generally sufficient but for more intricate designs longer would be appreciated.

Q. How do I store my cake?

Cakes do not like damp environments so should not be stored in the fridge or freezer prior to the event. A cool dark place, such as the box we provide the cake in, is the best option. Sponge cakes will keep for up to 5 days and fruit cakes for months (but not years!)

Q. Can you make dairy or Gluten-free cakes?

Yes we can cater for special dietary requirements. However please note that we do prepare our cakes in a kitchen where nuts are used, though we do try to minimise any risk of cross-contamination.

Q. Is everything on the cake edible?

You will be advised of any inedible items such as wires, ribbons and pillars used in your design on your Confirmation of Order. You will be responsible for advising those who need to know of these items!

Q. One of our family members wants to bake our cake. Is that ok?

We are more than happy to ice and decorate cakes baked by family members. We will need to liaise with your baker over sizes and shapes of cake beforehand.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us and ask away!