Flavours and Portions

We are more than happy at Eat Sleep Cake to experiment with combinations of flavours for both cake and icing. The guide below should help you start to think about what you want your cake to actually taste like, and what size you will need. The worst thing will be to cut the cake and find out there is not enough to feed all the guests.

Our most popular flavours of Cake are:

These can be teamed with our suggested fillings from the list below or we can discuss more individual arrangements if required:

Please find below a table showing the average number of portions for either basic-shaped fruit or sponge cakes. These are based on what we consider to be rough average portion sizes, but obviously you know your guests best! If your cake is being served as dessert you will need to consider serving larger than average portions.

Portion Guide for Fruit Cakes

Size Round Cake Portions Square Cake Portions
13cm (5in) 16 25
15cm (6in) 25 36
18cm (7in) 36 49
20cm (8in) 49 64
23cm (9in) 64 84
25cm (10in) 84 100
28cm (11in) 100 121
30cm (12in) 121 144
36cm (14in) 144 196
41cm (16in) 196 256

Portion Guide for Sponge Cakes

Size Round Cake Portions Square Cake Portions
13cm (5in) 8 12
15cm (6in) 12 18
18cm (7in) 18 24
20cm (8in) 24 32
23cm (9in) 32 42
25cm (10in) 42 50
28cm (11in) 50 61
30cm (12in) 61 72
36cm (14in) 72 98
41cm (16in) 98 128

If you have chosen to have a novelty-shaped cake please contact us to discuss portion quantities you require.